Universal Telcom is a premier end-to-end ICT services and solutions provider and partners with some of the world’s leading IT vendors Microsoft, Kaspersky, BitDefener, Safetica, Winsar, CoSoSys, VMware and Aren Payroll, to name just a few.

We are vendor neutral company, working with over 200 vendors so we can provide the right solution for your business. These relationships ensure that Universal Telcom supports you to maximise your business performance by utilising the services, solutions and technology that you require.

The outcome of the trust and commitment between Universal Telcom and our partners is the ability to leverage the complete value of our partner’s solutions and service offerings to serve you. At the same time, Universal Telcom is vendor-neutral, meaning we match your IT requirements with an effective review of all available technologies without involving third parties.

Universal Telcom partners, with various solutions providers to implement and support products from them, hereunder are some of our Parners;-